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Episode 34: Active citizenship with Mike McEvoy

How did Mike McEvoy deal with his internal panic about "the elephant in the room" that is climate change? Lisa has a chat with Climate for Change's National Program Manager about how his journey from a child looking at a poster of a pygmy possum led him to (as an adult) putting his hand up to run for Local Council. After he was elected he realised that change needs to be social in order to create higher-level action, and he has been building the social movement through C4C's Climate Conversation Program ever since. More information can be found on the Climate for Change website or Instagram. 

Episode 13: Single Use Ain't Sexy!

How much are we all washing our hands these days?! A lot! But now, practicing good hand hygiene doesn't have to mean excessive plastic waste. Today we chat with Josh Howard, the founder of Single Use Ain't Sexy. He started the business because he loves this planet of ours and he couldn't get his head around, how many single-use plastic bottles we all use!

Episode 12: Watch, Listen, Read

What have you been up to during "Iso"? Jacqui and Lisa have been going through the ups and downs of home-schooling, getting out into nature, kids on devices, and honing vegetable gardening skills. Here they share some sustainable-focussed gems that they have found in recent times.

Episode 11: Flora and Fauna

Today we chat with Julie - the founder of Flora & Fauna, an Australian online business who sources and sells ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products direct to you.  Having spent 20+ years working in retail, Julie wanted to create a better business. A business that was conscious of its impact on the world and one that contributes positively to society and drives change for the better. For too long we haven't known enough about how products are produced, what they're made of and who makes them. Retailers have not focused on their own supply chains and the waste produced. Julie set out to change that creating a retailer focused on driving change through Flora & Fauna and also in the industry as a whole. Find them at or on insta @floraandfaunaau

Episode 10: Eco.Mono with Sam Leigh

Where can you find ethically made and sustainable fashion items that suit your conscience and your style? Do you find it confusing and time-consuming to have to research every fashion purchase to ensure it aligns with your values? From a fast fashion hoarder to a slow fashion minimalist, eco.mono founder Samantha Leigh has been seeking out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to who, how and where our clothes are made. What originally started as a fashion blog designed to educate her readers about the garment industry, is now an online store that offers a collection of sustainable women’s clothing from brands leading the way in ethical fashion. Listen in to hear more about Sam’s evolution, and connect with Sam at or on Instagram:

Episode 9: Greenwashing

Oh no you’ve been greenwashed again!

Episode 8: Start with Socks

How do you take over 13 tonnes of textiles out of landfill in a 6 month period? Easy! Start with socks! Lisa and Jacqui chat with Michael from Manrags - and find out how what started as a men’s essentials subscription business turned into the world’s first circular subscription club. Manrags take responsibility for the entire life-cycle of their products while keeping them out of landfill. Along with their partner - Textile Recyclers Australia, they repurpose, repair and recycle into new threads, creating a completely circular system.

Episode 7: Community Events with a Sustainability Focus

In this episode, Lisa shares information about her Primary School Fete held in mid-March. She found herself on the Fete Committee late in 2019, and decided that if she got a say on how the event was organised, she'd try and make it as sustainable as possible! And the rest of the committee were all in. They had some wins and some losses, but overall the event had way less waste than it could have. Hear how they tried to reduce waste at their event, what worked and what could have been improved for next time. Listen in to find out tips on how to incorporate sustainability into your next event, large or small.

Episode 6: Roving Refills with Unwasteful Andrea

Roving Refills was created in 2019 by two sisters, who had a passion for environmental protection and a growing concern at the amount of plastic packaging in the world. They started Roving Refills to provide people with locally made, eco-friendly alternatives to highly packaged products that have traveled many miles and are not safe for waterways.

Episode 5: Minimising Food Waste

Did you know that 40% of our household waste is made up of food scraps? Australians send 5.3 million tonnes of food waste to landfill every single year, where it produces the harmful gas methane as it breaks down. The greenhouse gases produced by the food waste in landfill is the same amount as those produced by the steel and iron ore industries combined.

Episode 24: Mark Spencer (Part 2): The Man Behind Climactic

We are back for part two of our chat with Mark Spencer from the Climactic Podcast Network.

Episode 23 - Mark Spencer (Part 1): The Man Behind Climactic

If you are into climate-related podcasts, chances are you have heard the name Climactic, or the voice of Mark Spencer. In April 2018 Mark saw a huge opportunity to connect everyday people with ideas to share about living well in the time of climate change, and Climactic was born.

Episode 22: Lisa chats with a Firie!

Do you know a volunteer Firie? Have you wondered what happens when they go off to fight a bushfire and save our communities from destruction? Lisa's dad Mike is a long-serving member of the CFA, and has been deployed on several strike teams so far this Summer. This episode, Mike shares both his experiences of being a volunteer firefighter, and his thoughts on community, slowing down and helping one another. 

Episode 21: Start where you are...

It's Sustainable You - Season 2! Jacqui and Lisa reflect on some of the lessons learned over Christmas and the Summer break and discuss the current bushfire and climate crisis Australia is experiencing. Listen in for some positive actions that you can take straight away. If you want to encourage legislative change, it takes many people to mobilise and ask for it. You can start by downloading this template to send to your local MP: Find your local MP here:

Episode 20: Looking back and looking forward!

As 2019 draws to a close, Jacqui and Lisa take some time to chat about what changes they have made this year, and reflect on the episodes that they are most proud of. This is the final episode of the year - but they will be back with some exciting news in 2020! Thank you to everyone for your support - please get in touch if you have something to share!

Episode 19: Sustainable Silly Season

At the time of releasing this episode there were only 44 days until... Christmas!!! 

Episode 18: Chatting with Meg Berryman

In this episode, we chat with Meg Berryman. She’s a women's coach, teacher, yogi, mother and founder of the School for Sacred, Social Leaders. She shares her passion for empowering people to journey from wellness, to wholeness and beyond - to a place of changing culture, influencing change and contributing to communities. Just like us, she believes that it is through slow living, through connection, through rhythm, through food, that we are going to change the world, rebuild new systems and contribute to a more sustainable, equitable and compassionate future. She’s on a mission to awaken everyday change makers and help them see the leaders they already are. Helping them use their personal development and wellness work in the fight for a more equitable, sustainable and kind future. You can find more information about Meg here: Facebook: Meg Berryman Instagram: Megjberryman 

Episode 17: Tricky Conversations

A lot has been happening in the climate crisis movement recently, with coverage in mainstream media prompting lots of discussions with many varied opinions. Jacqui and Lisa share their recent experiences of tricky online interactions, and discuss the ways they have navigated these.