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Joelle Gergis | Climate scientist, author, troubled sleeper

Dr Joëlle Gergis is an award-winning Australian climate scientist and writer, currently teaching at the Australian National University.  She’s the author of the book “The Sunburnt Country. The History and Future of Climate Change in Australia”.

Climactic Curation | August Edition

The Climactic Collective is a podcast network of shows engaged with the climate crisis, and other pressing social issues. The network now numbers more than ten shows, with more in development - and we welcome new members. But we now have a happy problem, it's hard to stay up-to-date with so much content.

Announcing Climactic Curation | August Edition

This is not the next episode of Climactic. It's an announcement of a new format of show from the Climactic Collective, a monthly 'audio magazine' featuring some of the best from across the shows on the network. It's coming soon, early in the week starting August 3rd. We'd love to hear what you think of this new style, what works and what doesn't. Get in touch at and let us know!

BZE Community Show | Climate Crisis Frontlines Episode 1 | Bangladesh

Guest episode from the BZE Community radio show. Our thanks to the team for allowing us to share it with you. 

BCCAG | Market Forces and Us - Your Super!

An event from the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group. Recorded and adapted from a June 25th event.

Simon Moore | Activism and Academia ⁠— Professor Julia Steinberger, IPCC Author

My name is Simon Moore, and I'm a climate activist and science communicator from Leeds in England. As a contributor to Climactic, I've told stories of Extinction Rebellion protests from Leeds and London. Last year. I've also covered some of the community activism from groups like Our Future Leeds.

BZE | The Million Jobs Plan | Public Launch | Podcast Adaptation

On June 29 2020, Beyond Zero Emissions launched The Million Jobs Plan. The launch included a stellar line up including Christiana Figueres and Mike Cannon-Brookes. You can watch the webinar launch here.

BZE | The Million Jobs Plan Webinar Series - Podcast Adaptation

Building Briefing: The Million Jobs Plan Webinar Series - Podcast Adaptation We welcome you to join us for this Buildings Briefing webinar.

Act on Climate | The People's Climate Strategy for Victoria

This episode is an adaptation of the launch event for the People's Climate Strategy, held by Act on Climate on June 3rd. Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Act on Climate collective officially launched its push to write a People's Climate Strategy for Victoria with over one thousand people watching the online launch via Zoom and Facebook live.

Special | To Feed Two Birds With One Scone - Audio Feature from Jess Fairfax

The Climactic Collective is thrilled to be able to bring you this special feature, an audio documentary from Jess Fairfax -

Aftermath | Survivors

This is the fourth episode of Aftermath, a show on the Climactic Collective. Listen and subscribe at

BCCAG | Richie Merzian on the flaws in a gas-fired recovery

On May 28th Richie Merzian, Climate and Energy Director of the Australian Institute joined the Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group to talk the Australian Federal Government's post-COVID "gas-fired recovery" plans. Excerpts from 'Shipping Sunshine': Renewables, Gas, and Australia's Energy Mix | Q+A, May 25, 2020.

2040 | "Rebuilding with Climate in Mind" - with Zali Steggall

Recently 2040 director Damon Gameau and Independent MP Zali Steggall for Warringah shared a livestream. They explored how we can ensure government accountability during COVID-19, how we #BuildBackBetter, and the importance of a Climate Change Act for Australia.

Aftermath - Plants

Climactic's newest show, Aftermath. 

Eav Brennan | 🌏🌡️ Planetary Health with two Professors of Public Health

How does an unstable planet increase the risk of pandemics like COVID 19?

Glen Eira Declares a Climate Emergency 54 days into lockdown | Spotlight on community climate action

How did a community climate action group get their city council to not only declare a climate emergency, but commit to emergency level emissions reduction measures, during a global pandemic?

🌲🚓 Gretchen Miller | Big Pats Creek Blockade with Alice

Climactic contributor Gretchen Miller saw a post from Protect Warburton Ranges, of a young woman named Alice up a tree, trying to protect old-growth native forest from clear-felling, forest just a kilometre from her home - her literal backyard.