May 23, 2018

El Gibbs — "The Consensus Builder"

El Gibbs — "The Consensus Builder"

This week, Climactic co-host Rich Bowden trudges back — with microphone and coffee money in hand — to his previous hometown of Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. There he sat down with old friend, community activist, freelance writer, disability advocate, Aussie Rules footy fan and local legend El Gibbs after a brilliant lunch for a fun, fascinating and, at times, passionate interview. Rich wore out the bleeper covering the swear words on this one!

Those who know El well know of her passionate (that word again) defence of the community and desire to always put regular people first, on every issue. She discusses her battles over implementing progressive legislation during her time as a councillor on Blue Mountains City Council. Just as interestingly, she tells of the way she got around entrenched opposition to legislation on everything from climate change and sustainability, to the widening of the highway through the Blue Mountains.

El’s advice for the best way for people to act on climate change? “Lobby like hell!” Also listen out for El taking the long handle to Rich as she disagrees vehemently with one of his questions.

Join us as we talk to El Gibbs.

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Rich Bowden — Co-Founder
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Special Guest: El Gibbs.

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